Server Info

How to Connect with RPCS3 & PS3 | Overview of Features

PS3 - How to Connect

On your PS3 Navigate to the following menu:
Settings > Network > Internet Connection Settings > Custom > Enter Manually -> Scroll to DNS Section -> Manual
Set Primary DNS to

RPCS3 - How to Connect

  1. Open RPCS3 & Create a custom configuration of your game, proceed into the Network settings and set the following options as said:
  2. Set Network Status to Connected
  3. Set PSN Status to RPCN
  4. Set DNS to
  5. Set IP/Host Switch to:
  6. Save Configuration
  7. Go to RPCS3 main menu, proceed to 'Configuration', then 'RPCN'
  8. Set Host to
  9. Set NPID to your preferred username
  10. Set Password to your preferred password for RPCN
  11. Click Create Account
  12. You will be asked to enter you email, to which you will receive a email with a token inside it
  13. In the Token Field, enter the token you received in the email.
  14. Save, and Start the game

Please visit the troubleshooting channel on the Demon's Souls Discord for more information.

User Selectable World Tendency

Here's how it works:

  1. Place one of the following messages anywhere in the world
  2. a. Requesting a challenger... = Pure Black Tendency
    b. You'll need a Soul Level of 10 ahead. = Pure White Tendency
    c. Write more messages! = Neutral Tendency
  3. Notice the message will not be placed in the world, But the Custom Code did work.
  4. Quit game, and Load back in.
  5. Tendency Changed

If you wish to switch to using the Global Tendency System Place "Farewell!" into the world, quit and reload the game.

Server Features

  • RPCS3 - Cross Region Server
  • No level restrictions for multiplayer
  • User Selectable World Tendency
  • Global World Tendency Sway Based off your in game actions.
  • Stats Galore(Player Stats | MOTD Screen)
  • World Tendency Rotation & Events
  • All orginal features of Demon's Souls online is intact and working.
  • Addtional Features being added soon!